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28 April
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I like lolita. My sister got me into it. I like the mini top hats. I like video games. I am a Pokemon Trainer!. I like hot asian men, like Gackt, Miyavi, 12019, and etc. I like to travel. I been to Japan in 2004. I LOVED it there. I did not want to leave. I want to go to China and South Koera,but I don't have the money to go nor is anybody hosting the idea of going in my school. That's how I went to Japan. My high school had a program to go to Japan and stay with our sister school Yamata Nishi High School. I basiclly like asian culture XD I watch anime. I go to cons that are close to me.lolz. I even can speak a little Japanese. I trying to learn a litte Koeran, but it sounds like japanese to me. So I say the wrong words with the wrong acsent. so, yeah . . . Anyway, I like all cultures new to me. I really don't care about what part of the world the culture is from, as long as it intersting to me, I will in brest(sp?) it. I like animals. I have always had an animal. Right now I have a dog. He is a Shi Tzu mix. His name is Solomon Mightyana Malachi Marble Pauls. But we usually can him Solly. Oh and my siser and I usually give our pet long names just to be unique. And . . . if you want to know anything esle just give me a holler!!! lolz

And yesh I also Para Para ^w^ Dancing Dancing Yea!!!
12019, about what part, all, also, and etc, animals., are close to me.lolz, as long as it, asian men, can speak a, cons that, cultures new to me, don't care, hot, i basiclly, i even, i go to, i really, i will inbrest(sp?)it, intersting to me, like asian culture, like gackt, little japanese, lolita, miyavi, of the world, the culture is from, the mini top hats, to travel, video games, xd i watch anime